How Arya and Rana got role in Ajith's Arrambam

Arya Ajith
Though Ajith holds the center stage in Arrambam, the presence of Nayanthara, Taapsee and the two hunks Arya and Rana, can’t be discounted.

Vishnuvardhan maintains an excellent rapport with both Arya and Rana and recounted how the two came on board this mega project.

“When I approached Arya, he just asked “What Machan, Will I say no to Ajith? It’s a matter of pride to interact with Ajith” and immediately offered to give me dates. We both trust each other completely. Ajith is now immensely pleased with Arya’s performance.

I know Rana since my childhood days and he is a very dear friend. He used to be on the fatter side before coming to cinema but now he looks like a hunk after putting in such hard work. I had an impactful character in my script with a screen time of about 15 mins and when I thought of a face new to Tamil audiences, Rana struck me immediately. He gave his consent to do the role at once, as he respects my friendship a lot.”


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