Missed to do film with Director Rajesh - Suriya, + 'All in All Azhagu Raja' audio release highlights

Missed to do film with Director Rajesh - Suriya, + 'All in All Azhagu Raja' audio release highlights 
The music of All in All Azhaguraja, produced by Studio Green was launched this morning at the Satyam Cinemas, Chennai in the presence of Suriya, CV Kumar, Venkat Prabhu and the entire cast and crew of AAA. Kajal Agarwal couldn’t make it to the event though.

Suriya released the audio CD and all the technicians involved in AAA received the same. This is what the main dignitaries had to say at the launch.

Composer Thaman … “It is a dream come true for me to associate with such a big team. I made sure there was a certain Raja Sir touch in the music, particularly in the 80s style retro number, featuring Karthi and Radhika Apte. Rajesh extracted good work from me and I also thank Na.Muthukumar for the good words that he has used. Karthi can fit into any kind of song, be it class or mass, and that’s a big advantage to have for any composer.”

Director Rajesh … “I am sure the fans’ expectations would be exceeded and that it would be a Diwali 1000 wala saravedi. It is a clean family entertainer and I am happy with Karthi’s inputs.

None of my heroes will smoke onscreen from now and I don’t want to commit further (referring jocularly to his heroes who are regularly seen onscreen under the influence of alcohol).

Studio Green were very friendly and happy producers and I appreciate the care that they take in each of their projects, even the ones which they distribute. Kajal would get a good name and so would Kareena Chopra (Santhanam’s female avatar in the movie).

Composer Thaman has no ego and he delivers a lot of options. My lyricist Na.Muthukumar is very fast and he used to write all the lyrics while travelling with me, in a span of few hours.

My team is always open to giving feedback and they never hide anything from me. It’s a complete team effort and we have worked in a very relaxed manner.”

Karthi … “I learnt horse riding for the retro song in the movie and Dinesh master even gave me typical Prabhu Sir’s steps. When I heard this song for the first time, I was stunned because it reminded me of the Rajini, Kamal songs from the 80s which we used to enjoy. Vijay Yesudas’ voice for this song exactly resembles Yesudas Sir’s.

AAA is my first Diwali release and it is a completely jolly entertainer. I am saying out of my belief in Rajesh Sir that fans would definitely like the movie.”

Suriya … “I was supposed to do a film with Rajesh but somehow it didn’t work out. I have enjoyed his movies such as SMS, OKOK and all age groups of audience like his movies and his brand of clean, uninhibited entertainment. I have been attending all Rajesh films’ music launch functions and that’s a nice little sentiment I share with him.

Rajesh does extensive pre-production, test shoots and works on the voice modulation of all his actors and that amount of hard work is admirable.

After seeing the trailer and a lot of other making videos and teasers, I am sure that the audience would have lot of fun and enjoyment this Diwali. Santhanam’s expressions as Kareena Chopra are amazing and they stay in my mind”


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