Naiyaandi Director Sargunam challenges Nazriya on her complaint [Video]

Naiyaandi Director Sargunam
Earlier we reported you that Nazriya met Poilice commissioner and raise a complaint against Naiyaandi director on the controversial hip scene in the film. Now the director reacted to Nazriya's complaint

Southern actress Nazriya Nizam, who is gearing up for the release of Tamil comedy-drama 'Naiyaandi' on Friday, has filed a complaint against the film's director A. Sarkunam alleging that he has used a body double to shoot intimate scenes without informing her.
Naiyaandi Director Sargunam challenges Nazriya on her complaint [Video]
On Sunday, Nazriya lodged a complaint with the South Indian Film Artistes Association (SIFAA) against director Sarkunam and producer S. Kathiresan asking for immediate action.

"I have complained against the producer-director of 'Naiyaandi' to Nadigar Sangam (SIFAA) for cheating. They have used a body double to shoot scenes without my permission. This is against contractual agreements. We will take legal action," posted Nazriya on her Facebook page.

The scene she was referring to is one where Dhanush hugs her from behind.

Full story.. here.

In response to Nazriya's action now the director has issued a statement to media . Sargunam said " I've been reading Nazriya's interview to the media in which she said that she didn't act in Inika Inika song and also she says that we have used a body double, she also raised an issue that we have used a body double in a close up shot in the trailer but the truth is that we didn't use body double in Inika Inika song and we shot the entire song on Nazriya".

The National award winning director added " During editing in order to convey a scene to the audience we needed a close up shot and I asked Nazriya to come for the shoot, she said that she can't come from kerala for this small portion and also asked me to shoot it with some other person".

Sargunam added " I don't know why there is a sudden change on Nazriya's stand, maybe it is a marketing strategy ". Sargunam also said " If Nazriya has objection over the particular shot in the trailer, I can remove it but if she continue to say that she didn't act in Inika Inika song then she should prove it by watching it along with media people and then she could comment such ".

Sargunam concluded that " Naiyaandi got U certificate and it is a neat family entertainer".


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