Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination in 'Sriperumbudur'

Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination in 'Sriperumbudur'
Released as ‘Mission 90 Days’ in Malayalam, it is being released as ‘Sri Perambudhur’ in Telugu soon. 
The movie’s story is nothing new, and centers Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. Malayalam film ‘Mission 90 days’ was destined by Major Ravi in 2007. The film starred Mammootty. Now, a film has been dubbed in Telugu, and is set for release.

The movie’s story is zero new, and centers Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.

After assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, they form a special comprehension wing, and designate Mammootty as a head. They indoctrinate him to seize a assassins alive.

Although Mammootty corners a assassins, he is not means to constraint them alive. The assassins, who are held by a comprehension wing, dedicate suicide. Few among them devour cyanide and die, and few others fire themselves.

That is a story of a movie. The story bears emergence to Tamil film ‘Kuppi’.

One is not means to make out a reason because a film is fast being dubbed after 6 years.

There is guess as to either they are dubbing a film in Telugu, and releasing it in Tamil Nadu given there would be problems with courtesy to recover in Tamil Nadu.

It is utterly common that a film is dubbed or remade. But, law is that when a film is dubbed with some motive, it causes warn and arouses suspicion.


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