Star names in film titles gives an added publicity

Cannot afford a Rajinikanth or a Suriya to be part of your film? Well, worry not. For, some Tamil filmmakers are ingeniously creating hype around their film by titling them after successful film stars. Here is a list of films that have taken this route to get noticed…

Saravanan Engira Surya
No, this is not a biopic on actor Suriya, who was known as Saravanan before turning an actor. This film, by newcomer Raja, is about an ordinary young man who wants to become as popular as film star Suriya and the incidents that happen in his life because of his dream. There is a buzz in the industry that the real Suriya is not pleased with this move by the film’s team.

Snehavin Kadhalargal
This film, by journalist-turned-filmmaker Muthuramalincoln, is about Sneha, a young woman who questions the typical values of love in our society. The filmmakers have clarified that there is no direct relationship between actress Sneha and the heroine, and are even planning to get actress Sneha to appear in a cameo.

Madha Gaja Raja is the actual title of this yet-to-be-released Sundar C film starring Vishal, Anjali and Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar. But, at the time of the film’s launch, the film was popularized with the abbreviated title ‘MGR‘, a name that still creates magic in the Tamil film industry. However, for reasons unknown, a few months back, the makers publicly requested everyone to refrain from calling the film by this title.

Perumaan The Rajinikanth
Though this film, released in 2012, as just Perumaan, it was initially titled Perumaan The Rajinikanth, as the director quoted the Superstar to be an inspiration for the film. While the team had initially got Rajini’s approval, they were later requested to remove his name from the title. Rajinikanth’s spokesperson said, “Rajini sir believes that no one can be above the Almighty and calling him Perumaan will be misleading.”

Dhanush 5aam Vaguppu
With Dhanush becoming a sensation after Kolaveri Di, it is only natural to expect anything that bears his name to create some talk. This film, by Thirumavalavan, revolves around Dhanush, a class five student, who runs away from home to escape the sight of his constantly quarreling parents. He is abducted by a small-time thief, and what happens to both forms the plot.

Debutant Ganesha is directing this comedy which stars Srikanth and Anusha (formerly called Sunaina). The film has been titled so because the lead character has a striking resemblance to some of the roles that actor Nambiar has played. We hear that the director met Nambiar’s family and got their approval before finalizing this title.


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