Suriya drops Gautham Menon project! [Official Press Release]

Suriya drops Gautham Menon project! [Official Press Release]
The project said to be bringing back the duo of Suriya and Gautham Menon was moving in and out of the news, but did not take off.
Now Suriya has released a statement to the press that he has voluntarily opted out of the project.

In a breaking update just coming in, Suriya has made it clear from his side that he would not be working with Gautham Menon, on their film which was titled Dhruva Natchathiram. He expressed the same with a measure of disappointment but didn’t mention the title of the film anywhere.

“I was supposed to join hands with Gautham Menon and we decided this in June 2012. Now due to various issues, we both will not be working together as planned. Out of experience, I have always been concentrating on the story aspect before deciding to work on a project as I deem it my duty to fulfill the expectations that fans have from me. I made this very clear at the very start to Gautham and our agreement also clearly stated the same. But now, after more than a year, I am yet to get a proper story in its entirety, from Gautham
It had been over a year since Gautham Menon had approached me for this project but had not gotten back to me with the completed script. - Suriya
After completing Singam 2, I waited for a period of 6 months and even accepted to do a test shoot and have a formal pooja, on the basis of my friendship and goodwill with Gautham. After that, I waited at home for many months and didn’t go for any shoots as I was yet to get the proper story from my director.

Prior to this, I had a similar experience with Gautham for Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikaalam when we had a pooja, shot for just a week and then I had to wait for more than 8 months. That film didn’t happen and I went through a very similar experience this time too.

Now, I won’t be in a position to wait any longer and I feel that myself and Gautham are diametrically opposite in our ideologies. This being the case, I firmly think I won’t be able to work together with Gautham.

On a friendly basis, I did my best to keep this project alive but I can’t continue making false choices as I have learnt valuable lessons in the past. Hence, I have decided to officially withdraw from this project with Gautham.”
Suriya drops Gautham Menon project! [Official Press Release]


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