Aarambam, Pandiya Nadu, All in All Azhaguraja Box Office Collection Report

Aarambam, Pandiya Nadu, All in All Azhaguraja Box Office Collection Report
Diwali release movies had an interesting 2nd weekend collection with quick change in equations at the box office.

The most interesting development about the weekend is the re-release of Raja Rani, Idharkuthaane Aasai Pattai Balakumara, Vanakkam Chennai and Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam taking over some capacity from Diwali release movies. The above mentioned movies were unceremoniously dumped from almost every multiplexes and have now made a comeback of sorts snatching back the screens.


Arrambam is expected to finish all-time 5th in the US Box Office after Endhiran, Vishwaroopam, Dasavatharam and Sivaji. Arrambam is reported to have officially collected $369,150 as of Saturday, pipping over Thuppaki's US collection of $364,000. Vijay's 2013 release, Thalaivaa, had earlier collected $260,000 as per distributor sources.
In the UK, Arrambam opened last weekend as the 3rd all-time highest bringing in £135,223. Arrambam toppled Thuppakki collection of £134,280 by a whisker. The 2nd weekend box office figures are awaited to see whether Arrambam can maintain the 3rd position in the UK.

In Tamil Nadu market, Arrambam managed to achieve close to 90% occupancy despite notable reduction in screen counts. One of the theatre managers in Chennai revealed that Arrambam collections have turned out to be like a "Diwali Rocket". He went on to say that if the leads had promoted the movie aggressively, Arrambam could have capitalized on its spectacular opening to become a blockbuster.

All in All Azhaguraja 

It is curtains down for Azhaguraja in domestic, international and all markets. The occupancy was reported to be less than 50% despite sharp drop in screen counts during the weekend. The upcoming release of Studio Green's Pizza-2 expected to take over the remaining screens from All in All Azhaguraja.

This has been a major blow for all the parties associated with this movie. Even though Karthi's earlier two movies (Saguni, Alex Pandian) also faced with poor critical responses, "All in All Azhaguraja" appears to have shaken the foundation quite a bit confided the manager.

Pandiya Nadu 

The critics are claiming "Pandiya Nadu" to be Vishal's best movie in his career. The word of mouth definitely helped increase the screen counts and fill the shows. Vishal has been aggressively touring and promoting the movie all over Tamil Nadu. The movie is now the second favoured movie among the family and neutral audience. One of the Madurai distributors felt that Vishal should have waited a few more weeks and avoided the Diwali clash with 'Thala'.


Hrithik's Krrish-3 has just crossed Rs.200 Crores to join the exclusive club of '3 Idiots' and 'Chennai Express'. Hrithik Roshan is visiting Chennai this week to promote the movie. Krrish-3 has been unanimously thrashed by the reviewers with one of them giving a '0 out of 5' rating. None of these criticisms seem to have hurt the movie's popularity among the masses all over India. 


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