Ajith's Veeram Teaser [Video] - Special Review

Ajith's Veeram Teaser [Video]
The Veeram teaser starts off with a set of goons running madly towards camera with weapons in their hands.

Just as you begin to wonder where they are heading, the camera slowly moves to its right revealing the gutsy hero who turns his head, in slow motion, towards the direction of the rowdies.

A simple, yet mass teaser that has everything in it to light up the enthusiasms of the hard core fans of Ajith. Devi Sri Prasad’s music adds to the flavour and pushes up the impact. Directed by Siva and produced by Vijaya Productions, the movie is all set to hit the screens by January 2014.

Theatres, which are screening Arrambam, will have electrifying atmosphere not only during the screening of the afore-mentioned movie, but during the intervals. Wondering why? It is because during the breaks, a teaser of Ajith Kumar’s next movie Veeram will be played, which sets a cheerful mood among the fans of the actor.

As promised, the teaser of Veeram was released in theatres in Chennai on Thursday (November 7). The same video was uploaded on internet later in the evening. To cash in on the success of Arrambam, the makers of the forthcoming movie decided to release the teaser at this stage. It came as a special gift for the Thala fans, who are having a great time with Arrambam.
The teaser of Veeram is slick and sharp. The background music composed by Devi Sri Prasad draws your attention instantly. A handful of baddies will be seen running towards the camera and it tells the seriousness about the scene. As the audience eagerly watch it, the man sporting a salt and pepper look appears on screen! Yes, Ajith Kumar arrives in the last part of the 36-second teaser. The title song will be played during his entry.


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