Bala talks about Ajith, Naan Kadavul & Arya; praises Myskkin for 'Onayum Attukuttiyum'

Director Bala is well known for his silence, and has always been off the media. The Director currently working on his new untitled venture which reportedly has Sasikumar playing the lead, went candid in a Talk show hosted by actor turned anchor Sangeetha for Puthiya Yugam TV.

When asked about the chain of beads he was wearing, the Nan Kadavul director said it was gifted by Aghoris in Varanasi that was made of the backbone of 108 dead people.

Apparently the director's reference to Naan Kadavul made the interviewer turn the topic towards Ajith and the rumours surrounding their aborted association in that film. Bala known for his boldness did not take a moment to answer that all the news that he employed goons to physically attack Ajith and abused him verbally were just rumors . "If you want to know the real reason ask 'ultimate star"', he added. Ajith was replaced by Arya in that fil. It's a sheer co-incidence that the interview is out at the time when both Ajith and Arya are rocking in theatres together through 'Arambam' which released a couple of days before Diwali, and has been announced a super hit.

When asked to share about a movie that has impressed him recently Bala had a few words to appreciate Myskkin for his Onayum Attukuttiyum that released two months back. "he is a boon to the film industry" this is what Bala had to say about Mysskin.

No doubt, it's a rare and worthy praise for Myskkin's efforts. .


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