Director Balakrishnan wants to re-release several classics

Classics can be re-released with digital restoration: Balakrishnan
Director A. Balakrishnan, who is re-releasing digitally restored version of Tamil biopic "Kamaraj" soon, feels that advancement in technology helps the audience revisit rare classics.

"Kamaraj", originally released in 2004, is the story of former Tamil Nadu chief minister K. Kamaraj.

"With digital restoration, several classics can be re-released for today's audience to watch and enjoy. Most screens in the state have digital project, and therefore, it won't be a problem drawing audiences to cinemas. I'm releasing my film again so that it can reach wider audience," Balakrishnan said.

"Digital restoration also gives filmmakers the leeway to add something new to their films. For instance, I have included more than 10 scenes in the digital format of my film. I'm sure audiences will love it and I'm looking forward to their response," he added.

When 1957 Telugu mythological classic "Mayabazar" was digitally remastered and released in colour format recently, its makers too gave it a facelift by adding few additional footages.

"I think digital format is the best way to restore classics and show it to younger audience of present day. Very soon it is going to become a trend and filmmakers will line up their films release in this format," he said.

The 1964 Tamil mythological classic "Karnan" enjoyed a 100-days run at the box-office here when it was released earlier this year.

"I was told that 'Karnan' collected close to Rs.1 crore when it was released recently. That's something phenomenal for a classic and what was even more interesting that the film at a leading multiplex witnessed over 60 percent occupancy for the first five weeks," trade analyst Trinath said.

Some digitally restored films slated to release soon include "16 Vayathinile" (1977) and "Ninaithale Inikkum" (1979).


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