'I am worried about my daughter', Surya's heart-touching speech

Actor Surya was one of the guest for the audio launch of Malini 22 Palayamkottai directed by yesteryear actress Sripriya.

Ulaganayagan and Vijay Sethupathi were also part of esteemed guest list. Surya's heart-touching speech was one of the highlight of the event.

The actor said with the present state of affairs in India he fears for his own daughter safety and future, and said he really is skeptical about the next generation. Surya also went on to point out the Assam Rape festival which was reported by a leading U.S Daily and how it warned people from not going to India.

Surya concluded saying more movies like Malini 22 Palayamkottai should come out and change the notion of the people and also urged more women technicians and directors to come out and rule the industry.


  1. Surya please preach what u say in your films
    can u please tell us which of your commercial movie is wihout violence
    drug trafficking, kidnapping, murder, rape, molestation are all i your hit movies
    First follw and then preach if u are really worried
    Beingiand part of all such films your talking is like satan reading Bible

    1. Sury always talks high without following anything
      atleast let him follow his father first


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