Prabhu Deva wants to remake Ajith's Arrambam

This truly has been Thala Year, with Arrambam striking all the goods in Kollywood.

The film has been set to join the 100 crore club soon, thus is expected to become the official highest grosser of the year in no time. Now the news surrounding the town is which hand in Bollywood is going to gain the access of the films remake into Hindi.

Earlier reports stated that Akshay Kumar, saw the movie, was impressed by the storyline, style and color of the film and wanted to get the rights for its Hindi remake. Even though no official reports came out from both side, but talks have been regularly going between the parties.

Now Prabhu Deva, latest Bollywood’s Mr.Dependable director, has shown interest upon signing the film. Prabhu Deva’s interest has made many look upon the remake news more seriously. Prabhu Deva is known for making good remake movies, and now he expressed his desire to make the remake of Ajithkumar's "Arrambam" in Hindi. On the other side, actor Akshay Kumar has already announced that he is ready to play Ajith's role if anyone was ready to make it in Hindi.

Moreover, Prabhu Deva and Akshay Kumar have already worked together for the movie "Rowdy Rathore", so they could join hands for this project.

Thus there is a distinct possibility that Prabhu Deva might join hands with Akshay to create the Arrambam mega fest in Hindi.

Actor and dance choreographer Prabhu Deva has also directed successful films like "Pokkiri". But the "Indian Michael Jackson" found refuge in Bollywood after his failure movies "Villu" and "Vedi".


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