PVR Pictures bags ‘Vidiyum Munn’

Vidiyum Mun Movie
PVR Pictures leading multiplex players in India and distributors of quality cinema has picked up their first Tamil film Vidiyum Munn.

The film is going to be marketed by them. It is directed by Balaji K. Kumar and stars Pooja Umashankar and Malavika Manikuttan in the lead roles.

Pooja is making a comeback to Tamil cinema three years after her stunning performance in Naan Kadavul. The film scheduled to release this Friday (Nov 29) was screened for the media on Monday. The feedback from press people is that it it is one of the best films of the year.

Balaji Kumar the director of the film after the press show said : "We have made Vidiyum Munn like a new generation film for a matured audience. The film deals with an universal issue."


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