Rajini's Padayappa Part 2 dropped while on discussion

Rajini's Padayappa Part 2 dropped while on discussion
The initial final cut of movie lasted for 22 reels which was too long for a Tamil film. Even after numerous viewing neither Rajinikanth nor K.S Ravikumar were able to trim the movie, has they felt the flow was very smooth and gentle.

Rajinikanth even suggested to K.S Ravikumar to go on with 22 reel length and instead allott two intervals for the film. But KS Ravikumar was wary of the idea of allotting two intervals (Which was done in Cheran's Thavamai Thavamirundhu in 2005) and hence went to Kamal Haasan for suggestion.

Interestingly Kamal Haasan's very own blockbuster Nayagan also was initially 22 reels.With the earlier experience it was Kamal who suggested the cuts and brought Padayappa down to 16 reels.

Kumudam Reporter Kannan who came to know about the extra reels asked Rajini to release the remaining film as Padayappa second part. Rajinikanth who was fascinated by the idea immediately enquired K.S Ravikumar on the possiblity but unfortunately the director revealed that those reels were destroyed.


  1. Its wrong !!! not Kamal sir But editor Lenin sir cut nayagan to 16 reels not under Kamals idea !


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