Stalker attacked Shruti Haasan at her residence [Video] Full details of Stalker

Shruti Haasan
Actress Shruthi Hassan was attacked by an unidentified stalker yesterday morning in her residence in Mumbai. The man allegedly tried to barge into the residence, but her timely act of closing the door prevented the man from entering her house in suburban Bandra.

A source close to the 27-year-old actress told PTI that Shruti opened the door when a man rang the doorbell of her sixth floor residence in a suburban Bandra building at about 9.30 am.

The man wanted to know from her why she was not recognising him and not talking to him. Shruti did not entertain the man, saying she did not know him, but the man tried to barge into her house. Shruti immediately banged the door," the source said.

The stalker was seen on her movie sets on a number of occasions, the source said.

No complaint has been registered with the police so far, the source said adding that "Shruti may approach the police station tomorrow".

Details of Stalker Who Attacked Shruthi Hassan, Lets get into the full story.

As we all know that Shruthi Haasan was attacked yesterday morning. She was attacked by one of her fans only. Shruthi and his fans get shocked after knowing the person. Now we have seen that what will happen if the normal person turns into a heart-dying fan. According to sources, the attacker following the actress from more than two years and he appears at every shooting spot of Shruthi.

The unknown person Congrats her in every shooting and even asks to marry him. The actress felt that he is like other fans but now her opinion goes wrong. Yesterday morning the person went to her apartments and knocked the door. He forcedly attacked her to marry when Shruthi Haasan opened the door.


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