Vadivelu's take on Santhanam, should stop double meaning jokes

Vadivelu's take on Santhanam
Actor Vadivelu was at his best in the 2000's, although when he was in competition with his dearest friend, Vivek.

But due to the emergence of Santhanam and his political issues, he was forced to leave the industry temporarily. Vadivelu will soon make his come-back with "Jagajala Pujabala Thenaliraman".

When a reporter asked to Vaigai Puyal about his opinon on Santhanam, he replied: "Santhanam has started with nothing, and he is now in full swing. We have already shared the screen space. I am a big admirer of Santhanam, but he should stop with his double meaning jokes. It would be irritating and disrespectful to the families who come to watch movies in theaters. How do you want families to watch movies in theater, if most of his dialogues critizes woman ?"


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