Ajith's intro with heavy stunts and dance moves in Veeram

Ajith's intro with heavy stunts and dance moves in Veeram
In Kollywood, introduction songs of heroes have always been loved and cheered by the audience. Keeping this in mind, director Siva has filmed the intro song of Ajith in Veeram in an interesting way.
We hear that the song will feature the actor and his onscreen brothers doing heavy movements, along with action stunts!

"We wanted to film the intro song of Ajith in a special way. So, we decided to incorporate both action stunts and dance movements in it. Choreographer Prem Rakshit and stunt director Selvam put their heads together and came up with very interesting and challenging steps for this song.

I think this is probably the first time that both a dance master and a stunt master are working on a song. We have filmed this one on Ajith and his brothers (played by Vitharth, Bala, Munish and Suhail Chandhok), and this number will introduce the characters they play to the audience," says Siva, quickly adding, "This number won't be like the background songs that play during action sequences in other films."

It sure sounds interesting to see action and dance in an intro number. Let's wait till Pongal 2014 to find out!


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