Kasthuri Raja doesn't want to direct his son Dhanush

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Director Kasthuri Raja introduced Dhanush to the tinsel town but he was not seen directing him later. When asked why he did not cast his son Dhanush in Kasu Panam Thuddu, a movie that he is wielding the megaphone for, Kasthuri Raja said that Dhanush are created a niche for himself in the town and hence won’t be suitable for him films anymore.

Stating that he is not a director to make films that would suit Dhanush’s image, Kasthuriraja pointed out that his son has reached a spot that needs to be retained with the type of films that he is adept in handling.

About Kasu Panam Thuddu

Following movie ‘3’ starring Dhanush, Vijayalakshmi Kasthuri Raja, mother of Dhanush, is producing movie ‘Kasu Panam Thuttu’ under banner RK Productions.

The story, screenplay and dialogues for the upcoming flick are by Kasthuri Raja, and he is directing the movie. Initially, the movie was titled ‘Asurakulam’.
Kasu Panam Thuddu
Now, the title has been changed to ‘Kasu Panam Thuttu’. New face named Mithran is debuting as hero through the movie. Sania, and Suyosa Sawant from Mumbai are pairing up with him for the movie.

Further, a new face named Bala does vital role in the movie. Also, there are other stars in the movie as Vinodh and Ajith Raja. Music composition for the movie is by Shajid, who worked under AR Rahman.

Kasthuri Raja spoke on the movie: -

‘The movie projects the life of slum dwellers in Chennai. Also, the movie brings to light the view society has on such people. No child is born a criminal. Only circumstances make people criminals.’
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‘There is no mistake in life they lead… but the horrible plight is that offenses become their life. One could briefly describe these people as sagas suppressed in bushes of parks in Chennai city, garbage, along the pavement, in the streets, and hideouts in railway stations.

This is the plot of the movie. Kasthuri Raja has conveyed hope that he would smash the notion that his movies are stereotyped.


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