'Purampokku' Arya turns 'Samathu' with book in had, no to romance

'Purampokku' Arya
Director S.P.Jananathan is known for his intense and socially responsible films. His Iyarkai, E and Peranmai are clear examples of this.

His views on revolution, working class and a very strong expression of his ideas make him stand out from the crowd and he only films what he firmly believes in, not bowing to any cinematic compromise.

He has started his next project Purampokku with Arya and Vijay Sethupathy. On choosing popular actors for his film, Jananathan says, "There has to be actors of commercial value to increase the market worth of the film. That's why I have brought in Arya and Sethupathy. But the film will be only Jananathan's"

On the lady lead of the film, the Peranmai director reveals that there would be just one heroine for the two actors. He also adds, "Arya would not be breaking into romantic duets, instead he will be a bookie spending his time in reading". Quite different indeed!
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