Sachin says, 'floored by Rajini sir's humility'

sachin rajini
Indians call him the 'God' of cricket but Sachin Tendulkar is clearly in awe of superstar Rajinikanth. The 40-year-old retired cricketing legend saluted the film star by saying he was 'floored by Rajini sir's humility'.

"It was very kind of him as he came to meet me. I was absolutely floored by his humility and glad that I met him. He is someone I really admire," Sachin told in an exclusive chat on Saturday. Sachin was among the 25 Greatest Global Living Indians who were honoured by NDTV on its 25th anniversary on Saturday.
sachin rajini
Sachin, who retired from international cricket after playing his 200th Test, said he was happy to know that Rajinikanth is an ardent cricket fan. "I was really happy to know that he follows cricket. We discussed about various matches especially India-Pakistan matches," Sachin said, who played his final match against West Indies at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai last month.

Sachin said he still can't believe that he is retired and won't be playing for India again. "Retirement still hasn't hit me yet that I am not going to play cricket for India again," Sachin added.

The Master Blaster said that he is spending a lot of time with his family and plays cricket with his son. "I am enjoying life after cricket and often play cricket with Arjun and his friends. Me and my son also watch cricket whenever there's a live match as I can't keep myself away from the game. I am also spending a lot of time with my family," the 40-year-old said.

Sachin remembers being interviewed by Dr Prannoy Roy in 1992. "I remember being interviewed by Dr (Prannoy) Roy way back in 1992 in South Africa it was a wonderful time. We both looked different then (laughs)," he said.

Courtesy: NDTV


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