Sarath Kumar plays cop again for 'Narumugai'

Sarath Kumar plays cop again for 'Narumugai'
After top cop acts in recently released Chennaiyil Oru Naal and Acham Thavir, and forthcoming films Nimirnthu Nil and Velachery among others, Sarath Kumar will be seen playing a police officer again in Narumugai.

Directed by John Robinson, the film stars newcomers Arjunlal, Ishita and Nikita in the lead, along with Sarath Kumar and Manoj K Jayan.

A source says, “A major portion of the film has been shot in Malaysia, for over 40 days, and the rest in Coimbatore. The film narrates the romantic tale between a girl who is settled in Malaysia and a guy who runs a music troupe in Coimbatore. How the two meet, fall in love and face adversaries is what the film is about. Sarath Kumar plays a Malaysian cop in the film, a role that’s pivotal to the script.”

We hear that a song featuring the lead actors and the ‘friends’ were shot in a set worth 20 lakh.


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