Thagararu Critics Review - Watch for unexpected twist in the climax

Thagararu Critics Review
Tamil film "Thagararu", a revenge drama starring Arulnithi of "Mouna Guru" fame, has received positive reviews from critics.

Directed by debutant Ganesh Vinayaac, "Thagararu" is about four orphans - Saravanan (Arulnidhi) , Pazhani (Sulile Kumar), Senthil (Pawan) and Aarumugam (Murugadoss) - who are good friends as well as thieves.

Actress Poorna appears as Meenakshi who is in love with Saravanan. Jayaprakash dons the role of kanthuvatti Rajendran, a local money lender and Meenakshi's father.

Critics have appreciated the performances of the actors as well as the technical aspects of the film. The unexpected twist in the climax has also come in for appreciation from the critics. However, on the downside, the film set in Madurai has nothing new in its content and has similarities to Sasikumar's "Subramaniapuram," they say.

"Thagararu" cinematography is handled by Dillraj, whereas editing is done by T. S. Suresh. The film's music is composed by Dharan Kumar, while the background score is by Praveen Sathya. The film is produced by Dhayanidhi Azhagiri.

Here is the review roundup of "Thagararu"

According to Indiaglitz, "There is never a dull moment in the taut story, there are certain portions where dialogues seem repetitive. However, that really don't seem to be a problem in the screenplay that is highly supportive of friendship."

"Dillraj has put his heart to canning all shots, with exceptional perfection, especially in the underwater chase sequence and the fight on narrow lanes in the dark. While Dharan's music is an interesting aid, Praveen Sathya's background score is exceptionally good and very unique. From melting love and compelling friendship to unparalleled revenge, 'Thagaraaru' is a complete entertainer with an unbelievable surprise."

According to Sify, "Thagararu boasts the best performance you will see by an ensemble cast in a long time, and that includes even the bit players. All the actors get into the skin of their character with ease. Arulnithi carries the role of Saravanan perfectly and Poorna has a meaty role which she excels."
"Debutant Ganesh Vinayacc, has made an impressive debut. Amidst all the violence and killing, this film has a full beating heart. For an audience numbed by predictable comedies dished out week after week, Thagararu is a worth your time."

Behindwoods Review Board says, "The intent that Ganesh Vinayaac shows during 'Nanba Nanba' song to drive home the bonding and friendship is commendable and the same amount of intent ought to have been given to nurture the romantic angle which then would have played a huge part in creating the impetus in the climax."

"Also, instead of making the second half a gripping narrative that unearths several clues, it plays out as a long drawn out melodramatic affair filled with kicking and screaming in the rain making the 2 hr and 15 min film feel a tad longer than it should."
Verdict: Watch "Thagararu" for the unexpected twist in the climax.


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