​Trisha sad as her pet dog Cadbury is dead

​Trisha sad as her pet dog Cadbury is dead
Trisha is left ‘devastated’ over the tragic death of her beloved pet dog Cadbury, a mongrel who she picked up nine years back while shooting in Hyderabad.

She flew the abused, dying dog down to Chennai, healed and cured him and ever since was like a mother to the little one.

The actress who is extremely fond of her pets was emotional on Twitter page after her precious pet Cadu as she calls him passed away after a surgery at a vetenary hospital in the city. The pet had a tumour in its stomach and was operated on doctor's advice but did not survive the procedure and breathe his last in the hospital.

The star tweeted her sadness over the passing of the family pet. "Dont know how 2 function without u Cadu. I buried a part of me wit u.RIP my life".

Trisha told kollyinsider.com: " Cadu's loss was the very worst kind of grief for me. I am slowly trying to come out of it".


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