Why Arrambam doesn't feature ‘Hare Rama..’ song?

Why Arrambam doesn't feature ‘Hare Rama..’ song?
Arrambam, which left the theaters storming with people this Diwali, has been accepted by the ardent fans of Ajith with wide arms. The movie has been having a successful run entering into its 6th week now.

However, many people were wondering why the movie did not feature the ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ song.

Vishnuvardhan, the director of the movie took to social media recently to clarify the same.

“Here we go guys, Hare Rama song was not shot at all. It was to be the third song pre interval. Reason why I didn’t have Hare Rama song was that we felt it would drop the pace towards the interval. It was hard but felt good. It’s a nice song though.”


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