Anirudh in another controversy, caught for violating cyber laws

Composer-singer Anirudh is once again in the news for the wrong reason.

It was just few days' back that a Tamil producer went to Producers council against young music director for not having returned the token advance he took to compose music and later backed out!

Now, a complaint has been lodged against Anirudh's first independent video album titled "Aint nobody**** in with my music". The video that was released on social networking site, has stirred a hornets' nest in conservative Chennai.

The latest we hear is that Anirudh is in trouble for violating cyber laws at the City Commissioners office today (Jan 20).

A city-based advocate ap­proached the police co­mmissioner’s office on Monday to file a complaint against young music composer Aniru­dh Ravichander of Why this kolaveri fame, cont­e­nding that the musician’s new audio single, the teaser of which was recently released on YouT­ube, contains der­og­­atory marks against women.

The song titled, Aint nobody ****in with my music, released on the video-sharing website on January 16 and extensively publicised by him in social media websites, contains obsc­e­ne and immoral lyrics and degrades women in pa­r­t­icular, stated S. Jeb­adas Pandian in his co­mplaint. In his complaint, the advocate sou­g­­ht police action against Anirudh, citing that the song amounts to a crime under the Indian Penal Code and the Informat­i­on Technology Act.

Anirudh, who achie­v­ed celebrity status and fa­­me at a young age, had ch­o­sen to abuse the sa­me and corrupt youth by exposing them to perverse lyrics and provoking them, the complaint read.

The lawyer also alleged that the music video had been released without obtaining censor certification under the Indian Cinematog­r­aph Act. All releases, including teasers and trailers are subject to censor certification, the advocate said. The video has now been taken down from websites by the uploaders.


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