Arvind Swami - the latest Macho man with new muscled look

Arvind Swami
Arvind Swami, who is known for his handsome looks, has now turned a hulk. The actor says that he has been developing his macho look for a Tamil film, which he will be doing later this year.

Talking to us, Arvind says, “The film is scheduled to start in September and I am not supposed to reveal any details about it as the official announcement will be made by the makers soon. I am also going to maintain this beefed-up look for a couple of other Tamil films that I am planning to take up in the upcoming months.”

About his workout regimen, he says, “Cardio in the morning, weights in the evening, high protein diet and six small meals a day… I have been following this routine for the past few months with a determination. A fitness expert, Timothy, trains me for the workout. I have been working hard for this physical transformation, by hitting the gym regularly for the past four months, and I will continue to do so till I complete my Tamil project.” He adds, “I love this new look and I feel good about myself.”The actor will commence shoot for his Hindi- Tamil bilingual with Mahesh Manjrekar first, and then follow it up with his other Tamil projects.


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