Bangalore stuck with Traffic, Lathi charge on Rajini Fans!

Actor Rajinikanth was spotted on the balcony of an apartment in Bangalore on Thursday
Actor Rajinikanth was spotted on the balcony of an apartment in Bangalore on Thursday
Commotion ensued outside the Golf View Apartments near Shivananda Circle on Thursday when hundreds of fans gathered to have a glimpse of Tamil superstar Rajinikanth. The gathering caused a traffic jam on the Golf Course Road.

Fans urged the superstar to come outside the apartment and pose with them for photographs. Even though the police pitched in and asked the crowd to move, they did not budge till the actor came out.

Initially, the police spoke to the actor and requested him to come to the apartment’s balcony and to wave at the crowd amid cheers and echoes of Thaliavaa. He also requested the fans to move and not create commotion in the area. But when the fans refused to leave , the actor came out and posed for pictures.

Mr. Rajinikanth, who was born and brought up in the city, often comes here to meet his friends. He usually maintains a low profile to keep his visits under wraps. However, on Thursday a local TV crew which came to cover a protest noticed the actor at the apartment gallery and requested him to pose for few seconds. Soon a huge crowd gathered in front of the apartment demanding that he come out. Acceding to their demand, Rajinikanth waved at the crowd and requested them to maintain decorum. The High Grounds police, who rushed to the spot, were allegedly compelled to summon additional forces to maintain law order.According to the police, the actor was in the city for the last five days and would be visiting Mantralayam in Andhra Pradesh with his friends.

Police action on Rajini fans

It was a tense moment in front of the Rajinikanth’s Bangalore home at the Race Course Road with thousands of his fans gathered to catch a glimpse of the Superstar.

As soon as the news spread out that Rajinikanth was here, fans began gathering to see him. At one point of time, fans were so excited that started to move forward and tried breaking the barriers. In the process, some people fell and there was a damage of people getting caught in a stampede. In order to avoid this and disperse the fans, police lathi charged on them following which the situation was brought under control.


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