‘Ennathan Pesuvatho’ to create social awareness!

Director Ravi, one of renowned director Bala's close associates, is all set to release his second film after the critically acclaimed Acharya, which was released a few years ago.

Ennathan Pesuvatho
This time too, the director has chosen to make a hard-hitting story into a movie. The film, titled Ennathan Pesuvatho, is based on a true incident that took place in Bihar.

Talking to the media Ravi said, "Ennathan Pesuvatho is about a girl who was sold as a child for Rs 21. After Acharya, several people called me up to congratulate me. I was with director Bala and he kept asking me to make another film. But then, I told him that I would not make another film unless I had a story that moved me. I came across this girl's story and it moved me and that is why I have made it into a film. It is also an effort on my part to create social awareness."

The film, which has been shot in several parts of India including Bihar, Andhra, Uttar Pradesh and Chennai, has a newcomer from Maharashtra Daksha Nagarkar playing the lead.


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