Hansika dances wearing lungi in ice cold weather!

Maan Karate
The team of Thirukumaran’s Maan Karate has been shooting in a small village near Chandigarh for the past few days.

Despite the rough weather conditions hindering traffic and heavy fog blocking visibility, we hear that Sivakarthikeyan and Hansika have been busy shooting for two songs there.

A source reveals, “Flights have been cancelled in Chandigarh due to poor visibility, and seeing what’s ahead has become a task due to the heavy fog. The temperature in the city and neighbouring villages has dropped below zero. But, the team has been shooting in a pind (large wheat fields surrounded by just a couple of houses) a few kilometres away from the city for the past few days. The entire team travels to and from from the city every day. Brinda master has choreographed a dance number, which is being picturised on the lead pair. Interestingly, Hansika will be seen wearing lungis and shirts in the song.”


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