MTC bus crashes with Khushboo’s car

Khushboo’s car
Actress Kushboo’s Audi Q5 car was hit from behind by an MTS bus while waiting for the signal to turn green.

Actress Khushbu’s car was hit from behind by a MTC bus while she was waiting in a signal. The tail lights, boot and bumper of the car were damaged by the crash. The actress let the driver off with a piece of advice and a warning. Khushboo was in the car, a Q5 gifted by her husband, director Sundar C.

After the accident, Khushboo tweeted “Wow!watte crash!! MTC crashes in 2 my car wen waiting at red light..boot,lights n bumper gone for a six..let him off with an advice n warning.”

Conveying her thanks to all those who enquired about her, she posted “Thanks 4 the concern friends..I m fine but heart bleeds as this car,Q5, is my gift to my hubby by me.”

She further added “1st thing dey do is remove the bus no.plate n route plate..driver doesn’t carry license..he says nobody checks or ask..why?? Can we do this?”


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