Vijay's 'Jilla' and Ajith's 'Veeram' - Overseas Box Office Collection

Vijay's 'Jilla' and Ajith's 'Veeram' Vijay's "Jilla" and Ajith's "Veeram" have done fantastic business in the overseas markets. The films continue to be screened in a few theatres in the UK, Australia and Malaysia even in their third week.


"Jilla" has grossed £4,815 from five screens in its third weekend at the UK box office.

The Vijay starrer has minted a total of £243,029 (₹2.54 crore) in 17 days. On the other hand, "Veeram" earned £1,611 from three screens in its third weekend and its 17-day collections stand at £115,091 (₹1.20 crore), according to reports.

"Jilla" leads over "Veeram" in the country, which is one of the key markets for Tamil films.

The collections of the Vijay and Ajith starrers might drop in the coming days as there a few big south films getting ready for release during this weekend.


"Jilla" is still being shown in one screen in Australia. The film has grossed a total of A$43,899 (₹24.06 lakh) in 17 days at the Australian box office.

Apparently, "Veeram" is not being screened any more in the country. However, the film's collections are much higher than "Jilla."

The Ajith starrer earned A$82,934 (₹44.94 lakh) in 10 days at the Australian box office. Even after completing the third weekend, the collections of "Jilla" are far from the 10-day earnings of "Veeram" in the country.


Both "Jilla" and "Veeram" continue to dominate the Malaysian box office.

"Jilla" grossed Malaysian Ringgit 44,855 from 20 screens in its third weekend in Malaysia. The film's 17-day collections amount to Malaysian Ringgit 903,799 (₹1.70 crore).

The third weekend collections of "Veeram" are higher than "Jilla". The Ajith starrer raked in Malaysian Ringgit 53,892 from 21 screens, but its 17-day collections are lower than "Jilla".

"Veeram" grossed Malaysian Ringgit 869,448 (₹1.63 crore) till the third Sunday (26 January) at the Malaysian box office.

Apart from overseas markets, "Jilla" and "Veeram" have performed exceptionally well in India. Both the action-packed entertainers have turned out to become hits despite strong competition at the box office.


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