AR Murugadoss choose Vijay in Ajith's place

AR Murugadoss choose Vijay
Ever since rumours broke out that AR Murugadoss will be directing Vijay in a movie and the star will be playing dual roles in it, there is a talk that the story was originally intended for Ajith but due to certain issues he could not take it up.

Some months ago, there was a buzz that AR Murugadoss would direct Ajith in the film titled Rettai Thala in which he was to play dual roles. But this project never materialised and the director moved on to other films.

With news that Vijay will be seen in dual roles in the film AR Murugadoss is to direct now, sources opine that it could be the story that was originally intended for Ajith.

They haven't revealed the film's title as well. Speculations were rife that the film has been named "Vaal" (Sword), but the director has confirmed that his project still remains untitled.

Music composer Anirudh will be working on the sound tracks, whereas Ayngaran International will be producing the film.


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