Gautham Menon's finishing touches for Ajith's film

Ajith Kumar Gautham Menon
Gautham Vasudeva Menon is giving finishing touches to the script of his ambitious film, in which he will be working with Thala Ajith for the first time.

Gautham has switched off his mobile and is at an undisclosed location, outside India giving the final touches to the script. The buzz is that the film will be a romance and action mixed together in the right proposition.

Producer AM Ratnam wants to start the shoot of this Ajith-Anushka starrer by mid-March. Already the locations have been finalised. The music director and other cast and crew will be officially announced by Gautham shortly.

Thala 55 is being planned to be shot continuously in one single schedule and the producer wants to release it by September 2014.


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