Nestlé Munch - Cadbury Perk : Ad War!

Nestlé Munch's ad war against Cadbury Perk.
Don’t we love ad wars? We all do. And this time it’s Perk Vs Munch.

Cadbury Perk declares War

Recently, Cadbury Perk came out with a sly ad targeting Nestlé Munch where it ridiculed Munch for being a lighter chocolate with less wafer layers. The hilarious ad tells the story of two brothers and their dad. Monu leaves a letter for his father, citing his unhappiness over receiving an inferior chocolate (Nestlé Munch) while Sonu received Cadbury Perk from his dad.

Nestle Munch blows a Punch

Yesterday, Nestlé decided to serve a punch (Munch ka Punch to be precise) to Cadbury by re-imagining the same advertisement. But this time it’s Sonu who lets his father know of his unhappiness about receiving a heavy Perk (which is not tasty enough). The ad serves an array of blows like, “Chocolate hum taste ke liye khate hai, weight ke liye nahi”, “Use the heavy chocolate as a paperweight” etc. LOL.


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