Rummy trimmed by 15 minutes

Nowadays films being edited immediately post their release at theaters, isn’t a new phenomenon.
Gauging the early response from fans in theaters on the first day, the makers quickly act and pay heed to the feedback by chopping off some scenes which may have acted as speed breakers to the audience.

In recent times, high profile films like All in All Azhguraja and Jilla were trimmed soon after their release, based on initial audience reactions. On the same lines, Rummy starring Vijay Sethupathy, Inico Prabhakaran, Gayathrie and Ishwarya, which released on 31st January has also been trimmed.

Many reviews of the movie have mentioned about the slow pace of the movie and now in an effort to make the movie racier, about 15 minutes of the movie has been trimmed. We also hear that one of the songs, Yethukkaga Ennai, has been chopped as part of these 15 minutes.

May be its time for Kollywood producers and directors to go for Test Audience screening like in Hollywood to avoid these post release edits and trims.

Will Kollywood listen?


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