Thegidi gets positive reports from overseas

Thegidi releases today in Tamil Nadu. It has already released on Thursday (Feb 27)evening in select overseas markets including Gulf countries. The early reviews are pouring in and it has been postive.

Most viewers from overseas are raving that the movie is a neatly packaged unique edge of the seat thriller. It's a short 2 hour long movie, which gets going into top gear in the first fifteen minutes.

Both the lead actors Ashok and Janani have been appreciated for their performance.

As expected, Nivas Prasanna's BGM has come in for high praise as well. Meanwhile a select group of movie industry insiders who saw it at a preview last night in Chennai is also raving about it.

UTV's G.Dhananjayan who watched the film raved about the movie as an interesting and intelligent investigative thriller. He also praised the movie for its engaging screen play, good songs, nice camera work, tight editing and good performances.


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