Why Swati opted for Vada Curry

Swati Reddy
Swati’s next Tamil film, Vada Curry, sees her pairing up with her Subramaniapuram co-star Jai again for the film, a combination that has won much acclaim. “We were offered several projects together, but they all seemed to be made on the same lines as that of Subramaniapuram. So we didn’t take them up. But this one is nothing like our earlier outing. It is a light-hearted commercial entertainer, set in the contemporary age. So no, the men don’t have beards and I don’t have a tan either,” explains Swati.

In Mollywood, the actress will play a Muslim girl from Lakshadweep in her next film. Since the backdrop is Lakshadweep, the whole team camped there for 15 days. “As I play a marine researcher, my portions were shot mostly on the beach. It was beautiful, but as they say, the more beautiful a setting is, the harder it is to shoot,” says Swati.


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