Ashok Selvan happy with Thegidi’s overwhelmed response

In an exclusive chat with, Thegidi hero Ashok Selvan talks to Ramesh Bala about the film and much more.

Ashok's previous movie Pizza2: The Villa received mixed feedback from the critics and the public. Still he considers that the movie is close to his heart and is very proud of it.

The tables have completely turned for Thegidi. Ashok is overwhelmed with the unanimous positive response to Thegidi both from the critics as well as from public.

He did in fact visit few theatres screening the film. He was surprised to see the fabulous response from both the multiplex and single screen audiences. People were applauding and laughing for the same scenes irrespective of A or B centre.

Ashok is very thankful to producer CV Kumar who produced all his three movies. He says it was CV Kumar who gave him such a good platform. Without him, he would be still a struggling actor today. Post Thegidi success, he says CV Kumar is happy and his banner Thirukumaran Entertainment has become a brand for quality cinema.

He also says Director P.Ramesh was always confident about Thegidi's response even before the release. He always planned everything well. Even when there were some who doubted his capability while making the film, Ramesh stood his ground and he proved himself with the success.

Ashok is also happy that the movie has helped him and his co-star Janani Iyer to get a firm footing in Tamil Cinema. Now both are looking forward to their next phase of their career in Kollywood.


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