Kochadaiiyan - Movie Trailer Review

Kochadaiiyan - Movie Trailer Review
After the Kochadaiiyan’s teaser release coming in for mixed to scathing reviews, did the new trailer make a turnaround and revive audience interest in this Rs.125 Crore project?

What works?

The biggest plus is the inclusion of Rajinikanth’s voice and dialogue delivery in this new trailer. The highlight of this 3 minute trailer is undoubtedly when Rajini says “பார்த்தாயா, எங்கள் நாட்டின் ரதகஜதுராக பதாதிகளை…“. Just for this sheer mass effect & Rajini’s trademark dialogue delivery, you will be convinced to watch this movie in theatres along with hysterical fans.

The second reason that elevates Kochadaiyan is AR Rahman’s musical score. The richness in AR Rahman’s orchestration in both songs and trailer BGM bring out a vision of grandeur. Both AR Rahman’s music and Vairamuthu’s lyrics do justice to this period movie without alienating the current generation of audience.

Thirdly, kudos to the director Soundarya for bringing out painstaking level of details — be it Rajini’s stylish gait or near-perfect lip synchronization of dialogues. It is also clear that she has taken extra care and efforts in bringing to life Rajinikanth and Deepika Padukone’s features.

What could have been better?

Some of the limitations of Kochadaiiyan are inherent to the Motion Capture Technology. Rajini’s eyes were motionless. Even in the successful Hollywood movies such as TinTin, one of the most complaints is about the eyes being lifeless. Soundarya may have been a bit over-ambitious in trying to recreate some subtle stylish hand movements of Rajinikanth. Some of them did not bring out the intended effect in the trailer. The graphics are a bit choppy in a few places and the looks of some of the actors were not consistently good. For example, it is not clear whether Sarath Kumar looking more like Sarath Babu is intentional.

New Trailer Resets Audience Expectations

Soundarya also appears to have taken the  feedback from teaser constructively. One thing that the trailer has done well is resetting our audience expectations. By now, nobody should be expecting a TinTin or Avatar. If at all a comparison of Kochadaiiyan needs to be made, it should be with Polar Express(2004), the  first feature film to be shot entirely in Performance Capture technology which was released 10 years ago. To give credit where its due, when watched on big screen, some of the trailer scenes in Kochadaiiyan definitely brought a sense of awe which was missing when watched on a smart phone’s small screen.

The sentiment from general public is that the people have now re-calibrated their expectations and ready to ignore some imperfections in the visuals and ready to watch it for the voice acting of just one man, Rajinikanth. The trailer has indeed revived our hopes and shown us that if the story and screenplay are engaging, movie still has the potential to bring back the big investments made by Eros.


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