Kollywood's fastest 50 in history of Tamil cinema

Santosh Sivan directed Inam
Kollywood is racing to the fastest 50 in history of Tamil cinema. Santosh Sivan directed Inam will be the 50th Tamil release of 2014. Come Friday (March 28), there will be a record 53 releases in 87 days!

Never before has Tamil cinema reached 50 releases in the first quarter (Jan 1 -Mar 31) itself. Last year Tamil cinema crossed 50 releases mid-May. If there are 53 releases by the first quarter, Tamil cinema may cross record 200 releases by the end of the year.

Dhananjayan, leading producer admitted: "Too many releases with very poor success ratio. It does not auger well for the industry to have too many releases." Dhananjayan also pointed out that this glut in releases has also brought the satellite rate of films down.

According to Tamil Film Producers Council, already around Rs 200 Crore has been lost as only two films Goli Soda and Thegidi were profitable for the producers and right buyers.

Today there are nearly 400 films lying in the cans to be released, out of which 200 odd have been even censored. But there are no takers in the market for satellite or theatrical release. In the next quarter, the peak summer months of April – June, 50 big and small films are waiting to release.


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