Nasser loses hair for director Vijay’s Saivam

Looks like Nasser doesn’t mind going the extra mile to lend authenticity to the character he plays on screen. The actor has a central role — that of a commanding grandfather, in director Vijay’s Saivam. And, we hear that to look convincing as an elderly person, Nasser shaved off a portion of his head to get a balding look. This, despite the fact that he was simultaneously shooting for a few more films. What’s interesting is that the film’s makeup artist, Pattanam Rasheed, made a wig that replicated Nasser’s hairline so that the continuity of his other films didn’t get affected.

Vijay says, “To get the bald look in actors, we usually use prosthetics and makeup. But I didn’t want that because it’s difficult to get the same effect every day. We sketched Nasser sir’s look, but I was afraid to tell him to shave his head. So, I first told the idea to Kameela ma’am (his wife). We then discussed it with Nasser sir. Though he was kicked about it, he was hesitant to shave his head because he was working on at least six other films at that time. That’s when Pattanam Rasheed stepped in, and within a few hours, he created a wig that matched Nasser sir’s hair structure — right from the shape of his hairline to the grey hairs!” Nasser shot for the film for 25 days at a stretch, and had to shave every day to maintain his look.


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