No scene in my film degrades Tenali Raman

Vadivelu’s upcoming film Tenali Raman has triggered a controversy. Certain Telugu associations have written to the Censor Board seeking the removal of any scene that degrades Tenali Raman, the legendary minister in King Krishnadevaraya’s court.

Commenting on the issue, director of the film, Yuvaraj Dayalan, says, “I am ready to screen my film to any committee that has raised concerns. They can very well ask us to show the film to them. All that we are requesting is please don’t create problems without even watching the film. I would like to clarify that the film has no mention of Krishnadevaraya and Vadivelu is not playing the role of Krishnadevaraya. This film is only about imaginary moral stories of Tenali Raman. I can assure you that there will be no scenes that will degrade Tenali Raman. In their letter to the Censor Board, an organization has raised certain issues. The Censor Board has looked into all their concerns and cleared the film with a ‘U’ certificate without any cuts. I hope that there won’t be any issues after this.”

Certain other organizations also have raised concerns that Vadivelu shouldn’t have portrayed the role of Tenali Raman. Yuvraj explains, “The film has been in the making for a very long time. People knew very well that Vadivelu is acting in it. They should have raised this concern some six months ago. But, why now? That too, around the time of the release of the film is my question. Their intentions are not clear but our intentions are not to hurt anybody’s sentiments.”

Talking about Vadivelu, the director says, “If one watches the trailer, Vadivelu’s trademark style is still there despite his absence from the industry for a long time. The audience should encourage his hard work ignoring this issue.”


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