Sasikumar clean shaven with pencil moustache

Sasikumar, who plays the lead in director Bala’s next film, seems to have undergone a major transformation for the role. In fact, the transformation has been so dramatic that nobody in the public could actually spot the actor who, in his new look, chose to walk on some of the busiest streets of the city recently.

Says a source,”Yes, the actor, who has been keeping his look for the film a secret, recently chose to go out in public and have a snack after a visit to Bala’s office. Sasi, who plays a Karagattam artist in the film, sports a different look for the film. He has shaved off his beard and sports a pencil moustache. He has curly hair and his look resembles the legendary comedian Chandrababu.”

“Sasi took a stroll in T Nagar and Pondy Bazaar and had a snack and nobody was able to spot him. His appearance has changed so much that even the staff of a popular star hotel here were unable to recognize him and refused him permission initially when he attempted to enter it,” says the source, who also adds that the actor is now being trained by Nadeswaram artists in the city.

While the buzz is that Sasi plays a Karagattakam artist in the film, the source claims that Varalakshmi plays a Karagattam artist and Sasi plays a Nadeswaram expert in the film.

“Sasi has been attending Nadaswaram classes for over a month now. The classes are being taught by some professional musicians here,” the source discloses.


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