Sivakarthikeyan woos the media!

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Sivakarthikeyan and Maan Karate team held a press meet to celebrate the success of their audio and trailer crossing 7 lakh views on You Tube. Anirudh said he is very happy with the way the music has been accepted by the public. The music director is currently doing the RR (re-recording) of the film.

The entire Maan Karate team consisting of Sivakarthikeyan, Anirudh, director Thirukumaran, cameraman Sukumar and producer Madan were present on the occasion. Thirukumaran was a reluctant speaker and said he will talk only after the film is declared a hit.

Sivakarthikeyan was the cynosure of all eyes as there were reports in a section of the media that he came for Maan Karate audio launch accompanied by 50 bouncers !

The actor clarified: " I didn’t come to this industry with bouncers or security guards, and in fact I always travel alone for most functions. I can't afford to pay the bouncers and have a security paraphernalia around me. I do not have any attitude problems, it is the same old me."

When Sivakarthikeyan was grilled about drinking scenes in his film, the actor said : " In real life I don't smoke or drink, but there may be drinking or smoking scenes in my film if the script demands. I'm not a big star and cannot interfere or refuse to do such scenes . But in my next film Taanaa, I play a character who does not drink".

Maan Karate is in the final stages of post-production, and first copy will be ready in a week's time. The film will get censored by the end of this month and will release on April 4.


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