There are no drinking or smoking scenes in Ten

At a time when filmmakers are voicing their opinion on the stringent rules relating to featuring smoking and drinking scenes in films, director Anis tells us that his Thirumanam Enum Nikkah (TEN) will have no such sequences. The film, which stars Jai, Nazriya and Heebah, is touted to be a romantic entertainer, and Anis says that no one in the film will be seen drinking or smoking.

He says, “Even before we went on floors, we had decided that not even the supporting actors in the film will be seen smoking or drinking. We don’t want the hero drinking, just to show he’s failed in love or a villain lighting a cigarette because he’s plotting something evil. All these ideas can be showcased with emotions alone.” Meanwhile, the film is in its post-production stage now. “Ghibran had completed the re-recording in Bulgaria,” he informs.


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