Why did Jayam Ravi go to the graveyard?

One of the popular festivals native to Tamil Nadu, Masana Kollai, features prominently in Kalyan’s Boologham, starring Jayam Ravi and Trisha. And to celebrate this festival in reality, Kalyan, Ravi and composer Srikanth Deva visited an Amman temple in the city recently.

Kalyan says, “Masana Kollai is usually celebrated for 10 days. But the highlight of the festival is the slaying of the demon, and it happens in a graveyard on the day after the Shivaratri. On the previous night, figurines and effigies of the demon are made. In our film, we’ve shot a song sequence which has Ravi taking part in this festival. So, we wanted to pay our respects to the deity during the actual festival.”

He adds, “The film is set in north Madras, and Ravi, Srikanth Deva and I went to the Amman temple in Royapuram to participate in this festival. We were there throughout the rituals, and later, went to the graveyard in the night to witness the slaying of the demon.”

Talking about his experience, Ravi says, “We were invited by the temple authorities to participate in this festival. They wanted to thank us for portraying this ritual in our film. I’ve been to a graveyard earlier, but those trips involved emotional moments. While shooting the song for the film, we stayed in a graveyard for almost four days. And this time around, we went to witness the rituals in reality.”


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