I somehow end up working with Vishal

Vishal and Lakshmi Menon
The Vishal-Lakshmi Menon-starrer Naan Sigappu Manithan is Thiru’s third film with the actor. And the director tells us that he is aware of the mounting expectations. “Vishal and I share a good rapport, and are comfortable with each other’s working style. So, I somehow end up working with him,” he laughs.

The film is about a man who has narcolepsy, a condition in which a person dozes off when he experiences extreme emotions, and how he has to fight for the girl he loves. “I hadn’t heard about this disorder until I met a friend of mine. I was intrigued when I heard his story, and started researching on it. When we started this film, we had no reference point except for the videos available online. So, Vishal had to really work on his body language,” says Thiru.

Ask him what the highlight of this film will be and he says, “The underwater sequence between Vishal and Lakshmi, which we shot in a swimming pool in the city, will be talked about.”

Quiz him about the kissing scene between the lead pair that’s put the film under scanner, and he justifies, “We didn’t shoot the kissing scene for publicity or to court controversy. The whole sequence is integral to the script.”


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