Sujibala files death threat complaint against director

Actress Sujibala, who’s acted in Tamil films like Goripalayam, Chandramukhi and Muthukku Muthaaga, has filed a police complaint against director P Ravikumar, alleging that the latter has been issuing death threats to her.

Talking to Times of India, she said, “A section of the media has reported that P Ravikumar, who is directing Unmai, has stated that he has wed me and that he has bought me a car and other properties worth 86 lakhs. I wish to clarify that all these claims are false.”

Giving out details of what had transpired, she said, “I first met Ravikumar for Unmai, in which I play the heroine and he, the hero, apart from directing it. While working on the film, Ravikumar proposed, but I declined. However, he continued to persist. At one point, he threatened to commit suicide if I did not agree to the wedding. That is when I agreed to get engaged to him. However, after the engagement, which took place in 2012, I was desperate to stop the wedding as he began tormenting me. I attempted suicide and after this incident, my parents decided to call off the engagement.”

She pointed out that Ravikumar too agreed for calling off the engagement in writing.

“After that, he again called me for shooting for Unmai. I could not comply as there was a death in the family. I told him I’d turn up for shooting soon, but he went ahead and lodged a complaint with the Directors’ Union. I agreed to return to shoot on senior directors’ assurance that he would not trouble me. I completed most of my portions successfully, and in the mean time, I landed a few reality shows. Now, he has again started troubling me and has claimed that my parents are preventing me from joining him. My family is behind me and there is no truth in his claims,” she said.


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