Vijay Vasanth talks about ‘Ennamo Nadakuthu’ [Interview]

Actor Vijay Vasanth who is trying to get a firm foot hold in Kollywood takes an action avatar in Ennamo Nadakuthu which is releasing today. In an exclusive chat with us he talks about working in Ennamo Nadakuthu.

What made you accept Ennamo Nadakuthu?
To be honest, at first, I didn't accept the movie. As I wasn't sure whether an action image will suit me. Then after I did Madhil Mel Poonai, I reheard the script and felt confident enough to do this movie.

Tell us about the movie.
It's a crime thriller. The movie is based on the incidents that happen in one day. The first half introduces the characters. The second half is actually when the thriller kicks in.

How about your role.
I play a guy who pastes movie posters on the wall for a living and who is based in North Chennai. I guess I'm the first one to play this kind of role in Tamil Cinema. I get caught between two powerful men played by Prabhu Sir and Rahman Sir.

How was it working with the heroine – Saatai Mahima?
Mahima is a very young and energetic girl. She is matured in acting and she is always one level above rest of the cast in matching with their acting.

It's the first movie for Dir Rajapandi. How did you decide to work with him?
Dir Rajapandi has earlier assisted Dir Manirathnam in Thiruda Thiruda. Then he came out and started working in Ads, TV serial, Telefilms etc., He has done a serial for our channel – Vasanth TV and my dad asked him to get into movies. That's how I came in contact with him.

How was it working the producer Vinoth?
Actually, he is my brother. But ours is more a professional relationship. He only showed the movie after the first copy was ready. The director and producer worked together and I was never given any preferential treatment.

What made you bring Premgi Amaren as the music director for this movie?
Actually, Premgi has lot of interest in music and he is very talented too. We are friends for a long time. We always talked about him being the Music Director when I do a solo hero movie. So he is doing it now. Only the Director was little surprised. But eventually, he also came on board.

How was it working with Senior Actors like Prabhu, Rahman, Saranya Ponvannan and Thambi Ramaiah?
They are like a school. I learnt so much from them. It was very humbling experience to work with them. They all made me comfortable while working with them even I took few extra retakes.

3 other movies are releasing on Friday. Are you worried about the competition?
No. I want all the four movies to do well. They are all different genres. My best wishes for them. Hope we all do well.


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