Vishnu talks aboout Mundasupatti, says it is light-hearted [Video]
Actor Vishnu Vishal is on a high as the kudos pour in for the trailer of Mundasupatti. The film is a joint venture between Thirukumaran Entertainment and Fox Star Studios.

Directed by newbie Ramkumar, it's a comical ride, set in the eighties. Vishnu talks to CE, about the challenges of a period flick and the joys of doing a comedy.

The actor plays the role of a photographer Gopi. He runs a studio in a village where people believe that some ills will befall them or their lives will be shortened if anyone photographs them. In such a scenario, the hero tries to con them to make ends meet. The situations he lands in forms the story. Nanditha is the heroine, while Kaali plays his assistant. The film was largely shot in Sathyamangalam by director Ramkumar who was part of the Naalaya Iyakunar Season 2 reality show.

"I always wanted to be a part of a light-hearted film," says Vishnu Vishal who has recently added his real name to his screen name of Vishnu. "I've done several serious roles which were far removed from the light-hearted person that I am. For the first time, I could relate to my character. Gopi is a very cool guy who doesn't take life very seriously and he gets around tough situations with his humour. He runs a studio called Hollywood Studios and cons people in order to make a living. One of the highlights of the film for him was the fact that he wasn't shown as dying on screen unlike his other movies. He imbibed a new casual walk and body language for the role.

How was it playing an 80s character? Vishnu recalls the highs and lows, "It was very interesting playing a character from that period and we enjoyed experimenting with the different costumes and looks. But handling some of the props and emoting at the same time was a tough job! For instance, I had to ride an old Java bike which was not in good running condition. It had a broken clutch and faulty break and the seat was in shambles! I had to also manage Nanditha and Kaali riding pillion with me. Mostly, a camera would be attached to the bike and I had to drive carefully. Added to that was the 80s-style wig, which emanated real heat! Having to act in addition to all this, was a real task!" The ordeal didn't end there. "One of the props I use in the film is a pair of double sunglasses, which has the shades flapping over the plain glass! When I rode the bike, the cameraman added some spray on my glasses to avoid glare for the cameras. Because of that, I could hardly see where I was going. It was a real comedy on the set," he says with a laugh.

The film has a large star cast , including Anand Raj playing a zamindar and was shot in a straight schedule of 57 days .With music by Sean Roldan, editing by Leo John Paul and camerawork by P V Sankar, the film is set for a summer release.


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